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Why Blue mountings

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Why BlueMountings?

Encouraging Creativity and Reducing Cost

Are you frustrated with the limited crafting options at your local jewelers? 3D printing has revolutionized the jewelry industry as one of the foremost when it comes to creative and bespoke designs, and Blue Mountings stands head and shoulders above the rest in this regard. We know that 3D printing is not just used for prototypes and molding; the technology has come a long way in regards to flexibility and can now be used to create beautiful and rare pieces of jewelry from a variety of metals. Incidentally, we offer 3D Wax Printing as well as 3D Wax Print &Casting in:

  •    •  10K, 14K, 18K Gold
  •    •  Platinum
  •    •  Silver

Let your Imagination Run Wild!

There are a number of reasons why jewelry craftsmen are turning to 3D technology to create their masterpieces. One of the reasons is the precision it offers, a characteristic that is vital for complex and/or fragile pieces. You can either choose to send us your jewelry designs for wax printing, or give us your design and we will cast it according to your exact requirements using cutting edge 3D technology.

If you choose 3D Printing &Casting, all you have to do is choose the color and precious metal you want your pieces to be cast in by creating the appropriate job listing. The result will be delicate and beautiful jewelry that will seem handcrafted in its perfection. With 3D Printing, your imagination is the only thing that will keep you back, and even the most complex designs will take no more than couple of hours to complete.

The Freedom to Dream

Yes, talented jewelers rarely disappoint, but there is a limit to how creative they can be when it comes to someone else’s designs. Plus, you may have to pay more for a complex design â�� not so with 3D technology! At BlueMountings, you have the freedom to dream because we have the technology to make them come true.

We encourage our clients to challenge their own imagination and come up with designs that break the mould. We offer only the best precious metals as casting options along with the lowest turnaround times and highest cost savings. Our 3D Printing and Casting teams has never let our clients down,irrespective of the complexity and number of custom jewelry pieces they needed, and we are confident that we will continue to uphold this stellar track record.

So whether you want to create a ring that can immortalize your love for a special someone, a pendant that will act as a token of affection for years to come or a charm that will fascinate with its beauty, BlueMountings has the 3D technology to create them.

All you have to do is make a job listing by uploading your designs on the website in STL CAD files, enter the job details,choose the casting options you need, and submit your request. The price estimator will update according to the number of pieces you need and the precious metals you choose so you can budget accordingly.